God Moments Missions Travel Posted July 10, 2022

As I said before, poverty is an epidemic here in Miami. On the day we worked in food distribution, there were a line of cars that stretched multiple blocks long. We seen people cutting in line and cutting each other down, saying stuff like “This person here doesn’t deserve anything at all.” I felt bad when we ended up not having food for everyone, and I felt even worse as I went out later that evening and seen people hunched over on the sidewalks.

We had a few free evenings to explore the city and have fun. I was able to ride the Skywheel and enjoy some terrific views. I was able to buy some shirts and put off my need to do laundry. I was able to walk along the coast of the beach and stare out into the ocean. I was able to partake in Dominican, Lebanese, Cuban, and Jamaican food and drink, and I found myself getting second helpings every time. I certainly didn’t deserve any of this, either. I kept re-reading the list of things we are in Christ -- like how we are chosen before the foundation of the world and how we have been moved from darkness to light. Despite my attempts to claw as far away from Him as I could and run toward my own destruction, the Lord continues to guide me and assure me this side of heaven. It really opened my eyes to how good and loving our God is.