God Moments Missions Travel Posted July 10, 2022

Later in the second day, we broke out into groups and went out into the streets. My group didn't know how our evangelizing was going to go; We just kind of accepted that God would give us something to work with. We ended up going to a plaza nearby and seen a group of people with a broken-down vehicle. We tried to talk to them, but they didn't speak good English.

Wait… we can use our cell phones to translate our conversations. What a time to be alive!

Now Google doesn't have all the answers like – say – how to fix an overheating engine on the spot, but we also had Envision Miami's contact cards on us so maybe someone from there could help these people out. We might not have been able to help with their repairs or towing, but we did spot them some change so they could at least stay hydrated in the blistering sun.

You might be thinking, duh... of course you should help someone when they are in need. But we were in a plaza – a place nearly gridlocked with cars and people – and nobody else was willing to step up and help. That's because poverty runs rampant in many parts of Miami. For the vast majority of people here, it's nearly impossible to not think about themselves. Anyone practicing the selflessness of the gospel here sticks out like a sore thumb. A light in the darkness. That's what Envision Miami aims to bring.

So, yeah – God was able to work through me after all. You don't need any plans or preparation; just an open heart and a willingness to serve. All this, I believe, helped me dig deeper to the source of my shortcomings.