God Moments Missions Travel Posted July 10, 2022

It’s not uncommon for your bloodstream to become a slop of stress hormones and enraged white blood cells before a big trip. After all, if the enemy is wailing on you... you're most certainly doing something right. That's how I knew God had something huge in store for me.

But my body has never been good at handling heat. I can be sleeping directly in front of an air conditioner and still be sweating. A few days before we were supposed to leave, Ohio was battered with an excessive heat warning and my warehouse essentially became an oven. No amount of water or Powerade seemed to quench my thirst, and I couldn't hardly sleep without going to the bathroom every hour or so.

My last hours at home were sleepless and filled with agonizing apprehension. Something was obviously not right. I tried to blame it on my nerves and the heat, but what ended it up being was a full-scale physiological meltdown. It wasn't immediately apparent when I dragged my protesting body through the Cleveland airport, but our airline had the brilliant idea to delay our flight to Detroit and give us barely any time to get to our connecting flight to Miami.

An average person could walk a mile in about twenty minutes. The average runner could get one in about ten. But we had even less time than that to rush to the other end of the airport with our luggage in hand, at least according to this map.

Yes, there are trams throughout the station. Not that we knew that when we arrived.

As we sprinted our way to the other side, I started to fall further and further behind until I couldn't see my cohorts anymore. My muscles were screaming and I wanted nearly more than anything to just give up. Every excuse came flying through my head... "You're just a liability." "Your heart's not really in this." "You're probably too late, anyway." It took every ounce of sheer willpower to get to that gate, and my cohorts were fighting to keep the door open for me. I managed to stumble onto the airplane, alarming everyone – staff and pilot included – with my crying and hyperventilating. It wasn't one of my prouder moments.