Politics Posted September 11, 2021

Strong opinions ahead. You've been warned.

Twenty years ago was the last time I can remember America being truly united.

What Bush said on top of the rubble was powerful, emotional, and straight from the heart. It rivaled Reagan’s ‘tear down the wall’, Kennedy’s ‘ask not…’ and even Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. We were on the cusp on listening to each other. Of getting somewhere. Of giving each other the benefit of the doubt. Of making progress towards that “more perfect union” those founding fathers once wrote about.

Yeah… we’re never going to respond like that again, are we? If you would have told me on September 12, 2001 that America would collectively lose its mind and turn on its own people, I would have laughed you out of the room. If you would have told me that nearly all of us would be perfectly fine going through full body scanners at airports and having all of our digital activity being constantly monitored, I would have said “impossible” unless if this country had already been hijacked.

But here we are now. The U.S. has become a very different country, and that’s pretty much what the Taliban was banking on. As it turns out... it doesn’t matter if your enemy is stronger than you, or wealthier than you, or more technologically advanced than you, or is backed by every modern institution on Earth. It doesn’t even matter if they killed your second-in-command dozens of times. You can still outlast your enemy by simply not quitting. Even if they attack us again – with our own equipment, no less – many of our leaders and news outlets will still believe the real threat is… people like me?

That’s right, if you disagree with Orwellian COVID measures, and if you believe this past election might have been compromised in any way, and if you support any public figure or belief that the mainstream media doesn’t like… congratulations, you just received a gold medal in terrorism according to MSNBC. If you’re a drug dealer, or a Republican, or some dude at Walmart, or if you’re just being mean to other people… you’re also a terrorist... because why not throw that term around like it's going out of style? One can never be too careful in this post-9/11 world!

Christians are next, by the way. There no longer remains a viable political position into which they can comfortably snuggle in. Most of these conservatives out there are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and there’s nothing hardly left to conserve at this point. The few remaining refuse to say what they know is true because they’re afraid people will bear false witness against them and call them bad names. Meanwhile the Dems have been enjoying their Marxist war path, and they will continue to force everyone to either bend the knee or stand in direct opposition to them. Stop fooling yourselves... this is what we've allowed America to become.

I don't need anyone's criticism or symphathy. I don't need any of these clown leaders and their crocodile tears. And I especially don't need to see any more shameless cash-ins surrounding this day...

I just want my country back.


Alright... let's end this on a somewhat lighter note. Take a look at Google's homepage:

I'm surprised they even bothered. Offended, actually. That flag is so tiny, you need to make a pilgrimage to your local Lenscrafters. But you can be sure they'll change their entire layout for some random scientist’s 234th birthday or whatever. I'm gonna go have a seltzer.