Politics Missions Cartoon Posted October 20, 2020

The 2020 debates in a nutshell.

Between 2014 and 2015, I didn't really have a set place to live. I didn't have a vehicle either, so I depended on mass transit wherever I went. I often to had wait long periods of time at the Akron METRO, where the lobby television would be on at full blast covering the latest on ISIS and mass shootings. When I got back on the bus, I was treated once more to the passing sights of abandoned factories and drug addicts. After many long and winding trips, I started to develop a sneaking suspicion that maybe -- just maybe -- Washington had stopped caring about people like me.

Many of you don't like Trump, and that's fine. But simply removing him from office isn't going to solve everything. It may not even solve hardly anything. What we all need to understand is why Trump got elected, because there's a good chance that he (or someone like him) will be elected again. Thanks to the internet, we've been living in social bubbles that have been blinding us to what's really happening. We've allowed ourselves to form blind spots because there's something larger at stake. For the Republicans, it was the belief that our system was fundamentally broken and that Hillary Clinton would have been more of the same.

Half the nation didn't reveal themselves to be closet Nazis overnight. Not me, not my family, and not your family. Half the nation didn't elect Trump because he said and did awful things, but in spite of it. He was the only candidate that promised to changes to the system. If you think he has delivered on that promise or deserves any benefit of the doubt, that's also fine, but I am begging my liberal friends to discover a tactic that doesn't involve shoving their mug into a camera and screaming about how dumb the GOP is. It didn't work in 2016, and it's especially not going to work in 2020. These people don't need your sympathy or your thinkpieces, they need jobs. These people need to feel like they're not falling behind, and not actually fall behind. These people need security and safety, and Trump has been using BLM/Antifa violence as nightmare fuel for his campaign. The exact opposite needs to happen, and it's called working through the problem.

Like I said -- Washington probably doesn't have our best interests at heart, and I don't think they have within the last several decades. Both parties are constantly trying to troll each other and the mainstream media continues to be dishonest and throw shade where there's already darkness. I'm so tired of this, and all I want is to take a nap and wake up in a normal country for a change. Hating anything does not make you a good person. Whoever decides to give up their rage and rebuild their personality around loving something will get my vote.